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Dea’s In & Out has been part of the Gresham, Oregon community since the early 1950’s, when Dea Sparks opened his first restaurant and introduced the uniquely delicious longburger.


Dea and Laura Sparks
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Our Story

How It All Began

Dea Sparks dreamed of owning his own business.

He was an ambitious young man who wanted to provide for his family. His restaurant journey began at Keller’s Pastry, where he worked as a baker, developing the skills needed to create his famous Longburger buns.

In 1953, his dream became reality when he purchased a business that would soon after become Dea’s In & Out. Located on Powell Boulevard in Gresham, Oregon, the original Dea’s restaurant was a small drive-thru. The menu included hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, milk shakes and sodas.

Dea baked the burger buns, hand-molded the hamburger patties and cut fresh fries to order.

The business became successful, and in 1962, Dea expanded his tiny drive-thru, adding a walk-up window and a small inside seating area. Dea’s became a favorite hang-out for Gresham-area teenagers and families alike.

In 1970, Powell Boulevard was widened, prompting Dea’s to relocate to 755 NE Burnside Road in Gresham, where it remains today. The new restaurant included a drive-thru, dining room and a game room complete with a walk-up order window. Dea’s expanded its menu and began serving breakfast. The business was incorporated in 1976 and the longburger copyrighted.

Dea’s wife, Laura Sparks (most knew her as “Ev”), could always be found working the deep fryer and walk-up window. She was the heart of the kitchen until her retirement in 2009, beloved by her employees and customers.

The Sparks family opened and operated a second and third location of Dea’s In & Out for a short time, with Laura’s mother, Leota Newman, and sister, Loreta Sheppard, running the establishments.

Dea’s In & Out on Burnside expanded in 1986, enlarging and reconfiguring the dining area and kitchen. A small bar was added in 1994 and has since expanded to accommodate lottery machines and a full bar.

Fifty-seven years after opening the restaurant, Dea and Laura retired. Two of their three sons, Mike and Pat Sparks, ran the business as a team until their retirement in 2020.

Dea’s In & Out continues to be family owned and operated, with Dea Sparks’ grandchildren still involved in the business and continuing to uphold the standards their grandpa established back in 1953.

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11 a.m. - 9 p.m.
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Sat: 11 a.m.-11 p.m.
Sun: 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
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